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Haridwar is a prominent pilgrimage situate in northern area of India in Uttarakhand. Hari is one of the names of Lord Vishnu, Har means Lord Shiva and dwar means door, so Haridwar means a doorway to Lord.

Haridwar is positioned on the banks of blessed river Ganges. People are very spiritual in India and Haridwar is also visited by hundreds and thousands of devotee every month. Haridwar is a city of Temples.There are lots of temples and ghats in Haridwar. Haridwar also gets Kumbh mela(fair) every twelve years and Ardh Kumbh mela every six years. People from all over India come to take holy bath in Ganges especially through the time when the melas are organised.

Haridwar or Mayanagri, as it has been mentioned in the scriptures has been a centre for the Hindu belief and theology for years. It is also the place anywhere lots of of the main Hindu festivals take position including the Grand Kumbh, apprehended every 12 years, attracting millions of populace from all parts of the world.

Place to Visit Near Haridwar

While on a visit to the best place of Haridwar, there are many other motivating and main spaces that can be visited. Some of them include:

Bilkeshwar Mahadev Mandir : Bilkeshwar Mahadev is a temple devoted to lord Shiva and is positioned atop a hill.

Bharat Mata Mandir : devoted to the Bharat Mata or Mother India, this is a multi storied structure with seven floors, home statues of deities, saints and worldly heroes of all faiths. This is a spiritual as well as a position of national devotion.

Daksha Mahadev Temple : The Daksha Mahadev shrine is committed to King Daksha, the father of Sati, lord Shiva's companion. The prominent story goes that the king once held a yagya in which he invited his daughter but not her husband as he didn't like Shiva.

Har ki Pauri : The central point of Haridwar, Har ki Pauri is the located on the banks of the river Ganga and is visited by thousands of people who come to take a dip in the sacred river. Legend says that this is the position where the fall of nectar chop when the sea was churned by gods and demons.

Mansa Devi Temple : A very well-liked shrine in Haridwar, the Mansa Devi Temple is devoted to divinity Mansa Devi. The temple is positioned on top a hill and is reached either by a cable car or by foot.

Maya Devi Temple : Goddess Maya Devi, the temple is counted amongst the 51 Shakti peeth of the country. Haridwar got its name Mayanagri from this temple.

Sati Kund : The occurrence of Sati on fire herself to death in the yagya fire when her husband Shiva was affronted is the cause for the source of this position.

How to Reach Haridwar

Haridwar is one of the most easily reachable religious places in Uttarakhand.

Haridwar by Air : The adjoining airport from Haridwar is at Jolly Grant at a distance of about 25 kilometres.

Haridwar by Rail : The Haridwar Railway station is well linked with all the main cities of the country.

Haridwar by Road : National Highway 58 and National Highway 74 both attach Haridwar with the rest of the country and build Haridwar fairly easy to reach by road.