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Tattva Resort, Joshimath
Joshimath Starting Price 7,999 category Deluxe

Tattva Resort, Joshimath

The Tattva Resort is a highly recommended stay at Joshimath for travelers. You will get the luxurius rooms with well-mentained interiors and amenites. Every room is with a balcony and breathtaking views of the Himlayas and surroundings. Tattva has its own restaurant for serving the delicious food for guest.

Facilities:- TV, Bed, Bathroom,

USP:- Nature View, Resturant,

Places To Visit in Joshimath

Narsingh Temple

Within 5-6 KM
Narsingh Temple is a popular temple in Joshimath. Famous as a part of Sapt Badri, Narsingh Temple is also called as Narsingh Badri Temple

Auli Ropeway

Within 5-6 KM
Auli Ropeway is the major attraction in Auli offering magnificent and majestic Himalayan views. A highest and longest ropeway in Asia after Gulmarg,

Nanda Devi National Park

Within 20-30 KM
The area is reputed as one of the most spectacular wilderness in the Himalayas and is dominated by 'Nanda Devi Peak' which is a natural monument


Within 3-5 KM
Vishnuprayāg is the confluence of India's Alaknanda and Dhauliganga rivers—the first of five major confluences of the Alakanda known as the Panch Prayag.

Bagini Glacier Trek

Within 30-40 KM
The route which takes you to the Advance camp taken for mountaineering expeditions to High ranging peaks like Changbang and Kalanka gives you a feel of being in Everest Base Camp without it’s hustle and bustle of overcrowding and commercialization.

Kagbhusandi Tal - Kankul Pass Trek

Within 90-100 KM
The Kagbhusandi Lake or Khagbhusandi is a small emerald green lake situated at an altitude of 5,230 metres near Kankul Pass (5,230 m) almost a km in length. This lake is cocooned in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand state.

Things To Do In Joshimath


Within 10-20 KM
This ropeway is another prime attraction of the town which is regarded as the longest ropeway in Asia towards Auli. The services are open only during summers offering a captivating view of snow clad Himalayas.


Within 90-100 KM
Offering picturesque views of grasslands and hills used for step farming, Tapovan is a tourist spot located near Joshimath, Uttranchal. Mainly, Tapovan is known for its hot springs.

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Phone: +91-9758210888

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Location: Shri Badrinath Dham Road, Near Tapovan Taxi Stand, Upper Bazar, Joshimath